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Tools and Equipment

These are the things I use in my reselling business. Click on the titles to take you directly to the product featured.

Sony Alpha 7C Full-Frame Compact Camera
World’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera. 4k video and 24.2 MP full-frame image sensor. Flip-out LCD and 5-axis in-body image stabilization.

$1,798.00 (3/15/2021)

Dymo 4XL Thermal Label Printer
Print 4×6 shipping labels that don’t smear and are easy to quickly peel and stick on outgoing packages.

$197.75 (3/15/2021)

Sony FE 24-105mm F4 OSS Standard Zoom Lens
Versatile lens for whatever the scenario requires. Constant F4 aperture maintains exposure and depth of field throughout the zoom range.

$1,198.00 (3/15/2021)

Poly Mailer Shipping Bag 10 x 13
Cute, waterproof, self seal adhesive strip.

$15.99 (8/10/2018)

Ring Light with Tripod Stand
14 inch ring light with 5.4 inch large surface area to emit plenty of soft light. Sturdy tripod extending from 17 inches to 78 inches (6 ft 6 in). Has two phone holders, can charge your phone, has a remote, and can range in color from 2700k-6500k.

$89.00 (1/21/2021)

Woodland Critters Poly Mailers 10 x 13
Cute, tear resistant, light weight, strong self adhesive strip, non-see through.

$22.99 (11/8/2018)

Conair Fabric Shaver
Fabric Defuzzer. Conveniently battery powered. Safely removes pills and matted fibers and has a detachable lint catcher.

$12.99 (8/3/2018)

Ice Cream Poly Mailer Envelopes 10 x 13
Durable, cute, puncture resistant, self adhesive, unpadded to be light weight.

$15.90 (6/21/2020)

Salav Brand Steamer
I wasn’t able to find the exact model since I purchased mine second hand, but it is Salav brand, has wheels, and a place to hang the clothing.

$45.99 (3/15/2021)

White Rose Poly Mailers 10 x 13
Cute, waterproof, self seal adhesive strip.

$15.99 (12/5/2020)

U-Haul Newsprint Packing Paper
I always try to re-use the packing material we receive when getting packages. However, on smaller items and when I’ve used all my available ones, to save on space, I will just use some packing paper. It is acid free and ink free. It is also recyclable.

$20.95 (3/15/2021)

Garment Folding Board
While designed for T-Shirts, this makes packaging faster and neater. It only takes 3 steps and 3 seconds to make things perfect.

$23.99 (8/3/2018)

DJI Osmo Pocket
Tiny handheld 4k video camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smooth videos without drawing too much attention to yourself.

$208.96 (3/15/2021)